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 VERSE    Previously published poems by Ric Cheyney   

    All texts copyright © Ric Cheyney and/or individual publishers. Please email for details.

STREETLIGHT  COMING  ON                              

It flicks on where an instant before was nothing

And, dim enough already,

Dims further on that instant

As if mere arrival were all of life,

As it is all of light.

Then begins the struggle:

The several and diverse faltering moments before

The hold on life is secured;

And even so

The power is not evident at present:

This life must wait for darkness to magnify its station.

What little life, and pointless, it holds:

Arbitrary, almost adrift on its pedestal

Till blue evening deepens to black night.

Then behold its dominance of context:

How clear the sphere of gold in night’s deep darkness;

How welcome that warmth to wayward strangers

Ghosting by below.

How startled are the stars by its outshining;

How bravely it signals out to others at dark distances.

Then are we all

Glad of that sure goodness which is light,

Cheered when bright maturity

Survives those yellow, frail, first flickerings

Our shadows to dispel.

And if later we see its glow betrayed by time,

Exposed, redundant in the modern morning,

Well, what of that?

We fear no less the darkness then,

We love no less the light.


On life’s arrival,

Claim that light.

Struggle in starting

If struggle you must,

But hoard that light for blazing in the shadows, and,

When your time of brightness comes,


End thrift, reach out and burn

As each in his own darkness has need of you.

First published 2003 in Tales  Of       Volunteering                by Flintshire Volunteer Bureau.